NorthWest Buffalo has designed a platform specially to assist and support local sports teams, schools and charities looking for impressive campaigns with impressive products. We will work with each of our participating fundraising clubs, schools, and charities to help you promote your event through social media, emails and will create your own fundraising website to draw crowds to purchase this fundraising product. NWBTC is a PPE company that sells cleaning supplies and all types of wipes which in today’s world draws a lot of attention and need which in turn provides a product to raise funds we all want. Fundraising is always a challenge and is a year-round activity, which these demands are constant, and this past year has certainly brought on many challenges. Northwest Buffalo will provide the wipes at cost and will make a donation of 100% of the profit less processing fees.   

 NorthWest Buffalo’s involvement in the fundraising event:

  1. Would handle all financial transactions from a special purpose secure website (all online for cashless transactions)
  2. Keep track of who sold what
  3. Deliver sold wipes to your operational location for distribution 
  4. Provide email and pdf details for the participants in the fundraising to forward to their friends and family

We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay and our Wipes have been inspected by SGS International for quality assurance.  Based on the world we now know we live in; we know this demand will help fund your club, school or charity and keep you all safe at the same time.

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