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Earloop Level 3 Masks - Canadian Made

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Box of 50 Masks

ASTM F2100 Level 3 Medical 3-layer disposable Procedural Mask.


Product Description:

  • ASTM Level 3 Procedural Mask, internationally certified quality material.
  • BFE ≥ 98%, PFE ≥ 98%
  • Note: cloth masks offer 20% filtration effectiveness and will not filter out small viral particles found in exhaled respiratory droplets.
  • Mask is waterproof, breathable, and soft on the face.
  • Mask does not contain ferromagnetic materials or latex. Full-width flexible nosepiece provides fit and security.
  • 3 Layers of Protection: Inner layer (non-woven); skin-friendly, tasteless, and non-irritating. The middle layer (high-grade melt-blown); performs absorption and filtration of virus droplets. The outer layer (non-woven); waterproof. Fluid Resistance level 160 mmHG
  • Ideal for procedures where moderate to light amounts of fluid, spray, and/or aerosols are produced.
  • 50 Masks Per Box

Mask size is 175 x 95 mm. Fits most teenage and adult faces.

Mask can be stretched up to two times its original size ensuring less pressure on ears when worn for long periods of time. 

Level 3 Masks

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